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    Did you ever find out what hums in that house? We live in a new house and it’s so bad we sleep in the spare room!
    Hi Mike from London. Desperate for help and from your pots you seem like a washing machine wizard! 8 yr old miele novotronic premiere 500 keeps tripping fuse box (which is new and hence now very sensitive). Electrician thought was likely to be element, hence have managed to get panels etc off but cannot get element out to inspect it. Can you help or advise if you think it might be something else before I spend money buying replacement parts as part of the diagnostic process? Would be so grateful for any help. Many thanks. Chris Dale
    Mick I have exactly the same problem as you had with your mother in laws ISAR HE30. When you say ypou put a link in to bypass the timer what do you mean and how do I do it.
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