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    Freely TV

    Only if you watch it and tell them.
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    Private Number Plates

    Saw a newish M5 today. Plate was M55 NOB. Spaced to say "M5 5NOB". I swear the second 5 was even fiddled to look more like an S. Driver was a Mike Brewer clone. Fat jowly old cunnet with his belly resting half way down his thighs LOL. I looked down on him from my 15k van...
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    Private Number Plates

    Saw "BI66 EGO" yesterday. Massive Range Rover thing.
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    Chat GPT

    I would say for many it definitely is. Difference is they don't wet their pants and threaten to kill teachers when someone draws a sketch of their god or drops a bible.
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    Chat GPT

    Muslims often get special treatment. They're fanatical. Good job Monty Python didn't do " Life of Mohanmed". Someone's only gotta draw an image of their guy and they murder people. No other religion behaves like that. That's not racist, just fact.
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    American Idiot

    I loved them up till Dookie.
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    Naming Roads after people

    Joey Ramone Place......1234
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    Mone Mone Mone

    It's just news about a rich women who lied. I'm sure she's a cumt but I can't change that so won't waste time getting upset. Life's too short. I don't do virtue signaling. I leave that to those who need it.
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    Tory PPE scandal

    I never realised that. You sure? If you can put a link up I won't feel so bad when I vote labour next election. LOL
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    Mone Mone Mone

    Who are the dogs? Not many Tory peers on this forum I guess. Do you mean people who don't agree with your politics?
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    Multinational forced to pay some tax

    What you on mate? TT's super, home alone? 99% of the time you have a fair point, valid view, useful input. On this thread you've turned into Noseall. Are you and him drinking buddies?
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    Refugees without ID documentation

    Seems to be one where the young men stay to fight and the women, children and elderly seek asylum. Maybe that attracts more sympathy than boat loads of 20 year old men leaving their families and legging it.
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    Refugees without ID documentation

    I Is it a lie? Seems odd that posters would keep whining about having ways for people to claim asylum, if they didn't want people claiming asylum.
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    Refugees without ID documentation

    Why are some posters so keen to get boat people here? They're not much use to the country. Best for us if other countries took the lot.