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    Wiring Hiv to Vokera Unica 28e

    Thanks very much, that was quite helpful.
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    Wiring Hiv to Vokera Unica 28e

    Hi everyone, I want to wire Hiv to a Vokera Unica 28e, the wiring on the boiler seems straight forward as far as L&N & Earth are concerned but I'm wondering which ones from Hiv goes into which on the thermostat side. Basically out of Hiv goes L & N + "Common" and "Heating on" as per the...
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    Wiring Hive to Vokera compact combi

    Hi everyone, I’m in the same position, in addition to all the above, excluding the L&N, my boiler has two wires on the timer side which are originally looped, one black and one red, so which one goes to common on hiv and which one goes to heating on, i.e. 1&3 on hiv. Many thanks