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  • This briky tool is ok for anyone doing small wall outside.All bricklayers work to a gauge 75,150,225,300,if a brick is 63mm thick we make the bed 13mm.For example 2.100mm which is lintel height is made up of 28 courses of bricks with bed going from 8mm to 13mm (depending on the depth of the bricks you are using)
    The depth of the bed with this so called wonder tool,is 10mm so when you have laid 28 courses you will not reach the height of 2.100.
    I have used bricks that are 62mm depth i then make my bed 13mm thick (75 x 28 = 2100)
    This so called wonder tool will give you a bed of 10mm all the time 10mm +62=72x28=2016.Good for all work were you do not have to use gauge,for work that you have to use a gauge it will not work(phone them up and ask them how this can be done) one idiot said on a forum 10mm joints and 10mm bed all the time.
    Every bricklayer knows beds and joints have to alter,they say all kinds of things about this tool,i have had enough i am know taking this further.
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