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  • Hi i,ve got a small problem with a Worcester heatslave 18/25. Control box is a dk 970 and its a bentone burner.The burner goes through all the proper sequences oil pressure is right and the burner fires for about 5 to 10 seconds then goes to lockout.It all points to the photocell but the old one was replaced and the problem is still there.Could it be a controlbox problem or a combustion problem as the nozzle and shroud were very dirty.The boiler was serviced by British gas in August so should be ok any feedback will be most welcome
    I have a problem with a Worcester camray 25/32 utility oil boiler it has a riello burner.The problem is there is excessive smoke coming from the flue even though the combustion tests and smoke test are spot on,the smoke is white.I did notice that the smoke test had some moisture on the paper could this mean that there is water in the oil? (the boiler is brand new) any advice would be welcome.
    A friend of mine has a Parkray Classic 111 coal fire which runs his central heating and domestic hot water.He wants to replace his old radiators with new but wants to replace the single rads with doubles .The problem is will he have enough heat output from the boiler to sustain the extra capacity of the rads.Does anyone know what BTU,s or K/Watts this boiler gives out?, there are currently four double rads and three single rads of varying sizes.If he knew the output he can size the new rads accordingly.Any feedback most welcome
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