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  • Hi OilLecky, I read in one of your posts that "It is permissible to fit the valve inside the house if the oil supply pipe is buried and comes up only when inside the property." I have this very situation at my home but do i still need a fire valve at the tank end where the pipe re-emerges (tank is approx. 6m from house and 2m from any boundary).
    Cheers, Steve

    I'm near Cirencester. I don't do plumbing, just servicing oil boilers and cookers (AGAs etc) but as I'm of the Electrical faith and often a heating fault is notified as a suspect boiler, I get to do a bit of fault diagnosis but I try not too get wet!!
    Hi OilLecky. Where abouts in Glos are you? I an an PFTEC ENgineer based in Newent...
    Hi, Thank you for your reply to my post. By mistake I have clicked on IGNORE button and managed to add to my Ignore list. Sorry, please ignore if you get message about this. I am new to this forum and do noty know how to take you OFF my ignore list. Best Regards
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