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  • Re Vokera. SP is standing pilot and 80e is same boiler but electronic ignition. Have not encountered 80e with angled connection as yet
    hi could you help me get to whats wrong with my boiler please when i turn the hot water tap on the hot water gets hot for a while sometimes longer than other times then sometimes it will stay hot for mybe a minute then a red flashing light comes on and the water goes cold the boiler is a biasi 24s can you help plaese thanks paul hope to hear from you soon
    Thanks ollski,

    The electrode lead was connected correctly at both ends.

    Have disconnected lead at electrode end and held to earth as system was running up,(Gas off ofcse).

    Had the weekest of sparks across to earth untill ignition sequence(green light flashing rapidly). At this stage week spark stopped and resumed after ignition.

    Tried the same sequence holding end of lead to back end of electrode pin, no spark across lead during run up or ignition??

    Also held screwdvr across back end of spark generator connection (no lead connected). No spark across screwdvr wether to earth or not, either at run up or ignition.

    Any ideas please
    Hiya I've sent you an Email..nothing to do with the Gloworm valve..its fine :) ...something else


    Hi Mate,

    Would appreciate your help. Just moved in to my place at the powernap 155 is a real headache! Clocks been replaced but the pressure keeps dropping to zero very quickly, I know this can’t be right. Been searching around the net and it could be a number of things. Something about the expansion valve?

    Do you know where this might be situated and what it looks like?


    Had email today being turned down for BG technician. Anyway got Corgi inspection on 2nd Oct.
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