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    Plumber in North London to unblock stubborn sink drain?

    Looking for a plumber to unblock kitchen sink. I've tried most things - cleared out trap, hot water, plunger, snake wire. It's completely blocked. Sick of cowboys, can anyone recommend a reputable plumber that serve North London N6 area? Thanks!
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    New aluminum sliding door leak inside

    Hi, Recently installed a 3 pieces aluminium sliding door, but leaks inside when it’s raining heavily. The water is come from under the bottom frame. I investigated and found the water is coming in from the drain holes. After I poured water into the drain holes, water came out to the weep holes...
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    Wall mount bracket for freestanding tumble dryer

    Hi guys, I need a tumble dryer during winter but no space for it apart mounting it on the wall. I getting Indesit IS41V which is freestanding compact size 20kg front vented dryer. I know White Knight has wall mount dryer, but the vent it on the back which is not ideal for my tiny utility room...
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    Suspended paving terrace

    Hello, Recently my house has a home extension, took half of the space of a large 1st-floor terrace, and re-roofed the other half of the terrace. The architect decided to use suspended paving drainage system which I know nothing about. I was unsure about the system when I saw there's no...
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    Door Keypad Tamper Proof Screw

    Thanks! Found the key here. the key cost £3, but the shipping cost £10! unbelievable! Can't find it any where else, guess I have to swallow it!
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    Door Keypad Tamper Proof Screw

    Hi all, I've recently moved to a house with a automatic gate with a ACH intercom keypad and a Commax door phone inside the house. Everything works as it should apart from calling from outside using the keypad as it wouldn't ring the phone inside. I don't know much about intercom / automatic...