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  • Thanks Alan. I am also an Alan.
    I am fortunate that I have an uncle who is self employed and a few friends who are self employed CORGI fitters so getting the work Ex shouldn't be a problem.
    I hear what you are saying about the experience I would get from working for a company and agree in an ideal world I would go that way. But I do have my heart set on going self employed and with my list of "phone a friend" CORGI fitters I think I will be ok.
    I intend on focussing on repairs and service, particularly trying to recover older systems via repairs and power flushing etc, an idea that may change so we will see how it goes.

    I am going to go over to Hybrid in the next couple of weeks to have a chat with them and make sure I have everything right about getting qualified. I know it sounds like I am jumping (which I am abit) but I do have very relevant experience in the chemical industry. The thing I will really lack is the real world done it seen it experience and you cannot buy that.

    Alan, I am in no doubt it will be hard and I probably wont make much money for a year or 2 while building up a customer base, but it iwll be better than working for a big company again.

    thanks for the advice mate and I may well ring you one of these days for some advice.


    I did the domestic / commercial crossover with Hybrid just last week & I can honestly say it's a good set-up.
    As for you doing your ACS you need to be in a position to either work for nothing or even pay for the privilege. While I was at Hybrid last week they were fishing for me to take on a trainee to give them their 20ish hours experience but, as I explained I sub contract to British Gas & for me to take someone on I would have to pay for employee liability insurance & provide a CRB check as well ( money I don't have at the moment ), so that's where someone like yourself would have to pay to work but maybe someone else would be in a position to pay it.
    As daunting as it sounds if you are able to do it then go for it, I did it 9 years ago & although it's not been plain sailing I don't regret doing it.
    One thing I would say is get some experience with a firm for a few years before going self employed. I would have been fooked without the ability to ring round a few of the lads when I came unstuck, one thing I did realise is that after 2 years in college I knew dick all!
    As I said if you want a chat & go through the full in's & out's give me a ring, my number is 07716 967311.
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