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  • Hi PerryOne,

    I have read your views on water under raised wooden floors and would be grateful for your advice on my problem.

    Due to a high water table I have water under the floorboards and am trying to assess the actual danger to the wooden joists and floor boards. At present they seem to be ok but what is the likelihood of rot and should I consider fitting more airbricks. The house was built about 1962 so would rot have already started by now if it was going to happen ?

    There are airbricks to the front and back of house but not the side (gable end) - how would i fit these whilst avoiding the ends of the joists and several water and gas pipes - I keep thinking about trying to fit more airbricks but am so worried of any pitfalls whilst doing it. Several builders/bricklayers have failed to get back in contact or don't seem interested in the job.

    One problem I have noticed is that there is no airbrick to the left-hand front of house as concrete base to porch means no brickwork to place the airbrick. Although the sleeper walls have air-flow through them the dividing wall doesn't seem to have. Therefore the hall and half the kitchen (these are parallel to porch where airbrick is not possible) dont seem to have any obvious ventilation.

    So what I really need to know is : should I try to add more airbricks or accept the situation as it is and leave everything in status quo?

    Thanks in advance for your time.


    Thanks for your advice on the wall insulation problem.

    Could I mail you to clarify the details ( you are the only one that seems to have worked out the problem! )


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