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  • Sir, I spotted a solution you had when fiiting a new WC pan to an old cast iron waste pipe. I have the same situation. Can you elaborate on your solution posted in 2007 i.e

    "I could not find the the flexible WC connector you suggested stocked locally, however a local plumbers merchant did suggest buying a 3.5" Kwickfit WC pan connector extension piece (cut to suit) married with the standard 4" McAlpine Flexible Pan Connector. It worked a treat. Without your help I would have had to call in a plumber to sort this out. "3874

    Which of the two connectors did you fit in the new WC outlet and what exacty did you mean by "cut to suit" and which end connectes to the iron pipe and how ar ethe two connectors fitted together?? Lots of questions which shows you Im in a dilemma. Can you please help describe step by step what you did. Thanks a Million in advance

    Thank you
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