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    Bi folds Gap

    I think the white protection film on the frame will tend to exaggerate the gap. Take the film off and you may get a better impression. I would be tempted to ask the door manufacturer what matching trim they produced; if they had something like a slim, coated angle profile, that could probably...
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    Cooling fan

    Well done, good try! :)
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    Cooling fan

    I'm afraid that's not the front bearing. You want to try here:
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    Cooling fan

    What he said! :)
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    Cooling fan

    That's really not dusty at all compared to the ones I deal with. Just give the blades a wipe when you take them out.
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    Cooling fan

    Take the front guard off (swivel the tabs, there may also be a small screw), take the blades off (unscrew the blue end cap clockwise!), and you should then see one bearing where the shaft enters the motor. Dribble a little oil down the shaft into the bearing. 3 in 1 should do, but it depends...
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    Cooling fan

    If you want to, but there's nothing wrong with having a go at fixing what you have, then you have two fans! ;) ...and if you really want to feel the benefit of a good fan, consider a ceiling mounted one.
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    Cooling fan

    Fan motors can start to seize when they haven't been used for a while. The grease can dry up and dust can get into bearings. If you can take the guard off, you can usually get some lubricating oil into the bearings and a bit of running should free up the fan. Stand out of the way when you...
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    Concrete floor with hole in rubbery stuff

    From what I can see, (zooming in a lot on the photo), it looks to me as if you may have square vinyl floor tiles? Is it possible to confirm this? Not to put you off or worry you (as it really isn't a big problem), but some vinyl floor tiles and adhesive contained asbestos. If this really was...
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    I hate MS!!

    Similar here, my mum was convinced she had to get a new laptop because of the pop-up incompatibility message. It almost seems like a scam! With a win 10 support date until at least Oct 2025, I managed to persuade her that it really wasn't an issue. ...and even after that, if there are no...
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    Private Number Plates

    I just randomly came across another post, it turns out you may already know the guy (...or a close relative!) ;)
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    New design Air conditioning unit

    There's a couple of interesting comments here:
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    Noise disturbance from a new Dormer

    If I was in your position (and others will disagree!), I may approach the neighbours and offer to investigate/replace the fan. For your piece of mind, the cost of a new fan would be worth it, compared to winding yourself up, having sleepless nights and feeling embittered towards neighbours who...
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    Which adhesive for Hardiebacker gaps?

    The same adhesive as you will use for your tiles! :)
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    Wiring for Smeg range cooker

    Yes, I was also suggesting stay with the 6mm for the fixed wiring - the way I interpret the MI, is it is specifying the cable connection at the ranges terminal blocks - 10mm conforming to: "Use H05V2V2-F cables withstanding a temperature of at least 90 °C". I don't see any specific mention of...