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    Stelrad Coloumn Radiator problems.
    I wonder if anyone else knows of this problem. I have 10 column rads and 3 standard ones. 5 of the coloumn rads have started to leak from the bushes and the paint has blistered badly arround the leak, also a number of them has had paint flaking off the seams. The standard rads ar fine. All were fitted in 2005 by a very experienced plumber. This was a new heating system and all checks and flushes were carried out. Interestingly enough Stelrad changed supplier of their coloumn rads late 2005 and since then the rads come with factory fitted and welded bushes. All Stelrad suggest is for me to remove the rads and send them back for testing (which will obviously be in their favour). I have searched the net and no one else seems to have had any problems.
    I would welcome any suggestions.

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