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    Thin Screed Bonding

    I need to put a thin screed down (30 mm) onto a concrete base prior to tiling and need to know whether I should bond this or not and if so is PVA sufficient? Many Thanks
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    Balcony Waterproofing

    insulation is under the deck - it has to be a cold deck because of the size of overhang /cantilever had asphalt on previous balcony and it leaked after less than 10 years through one of the seams - I understand that EDPM membranes typically last 40 - 50 years and because they are layed as...
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    Balcony Waterproofing

    I have built a fairly large balcony (and flat roof) in block and beam (6m x 3m) and need to waterproof before adding a screed and tiles. From what I have read Firestone EPDM appears to be a sensible solution but not clear what the best way to build this up or whether the EPDM needs any textile...
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    Multizone Heating Controller selection

    Simon Thanks for your reply - wasn't aware that building heating control systems had made it onto the domestic market, but it gives some food for thought. Before exploring any further have you a ball park figure for cost (of controller, sensors etc - I would have 12 rooms / zones +HW to...
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    Multizone Heating Controller selection

    Thanks very much - the Horstmann ChannelPlus H37 XL looks good. Forgot to say - am going to fit TRVs. Also house is above 150 sq mt, but also no gas and so having to use v expensive oil, hence need for different programs for living and beds.
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    Multizone Heating Controller selection

    I'm putting in a new heating system and need some advice (please) on the selection of heating controller and equipment. I want to create 3 separate zones in the house 1 bedrooms/ 2 living area / 3 hot water, all with the ability to be controlled separately from a cental point. I've...
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    sealing, levelling and insulating floor

    I'm converting my garage and want to seal the floor, level it, insulate it and then board it (& carpet). I don't want the floor to be more than 40mm thick. Have thought about using leveling compound but this would reduce the amount insulation or perhaps using a floor grinder to level out...
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    hot water tank selection

    I am looking to get a large new hot water tank with a solar coil. I'm looking at 2 options either a Santon or a Heatrae Sadia Megaflo. The question is the Megaflo is about twice the price and is it worth it? Many Thanks
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    Tiling onto wooden floor

    It seems that this subject gets many entries - I have a large first floor kitchen and am planning to lay 10mm tiles on 25mm exterior ply, all screwed down onto joists with 400mm centres. Question is - large room 12m x 6m, do I need to allow for an expansion point in the middle of the...