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  • Hi. I found sunseekers to be the cheapest by far. My budget was already overunning on my new building project but I really needed these type of doors. You can haggle with sunseekers when they give you their 1st price.I avoided white. White stands out far too much when you are indoors. I went for Graphite Grey which is simply brilliant and you look pass them into your garden. Everyone who comes around here always goes 'wow'! Installation was quick. Installed by 2 guys in a space of a few hours. I haven't had a single problem with them.
    After you have agreed a price with Sunseekers then tell them to make sure the glass is 'argon filled'. This is top stuff and keeps your room warm in winter and reflects the heat in summer. Thermal calcs are very easy to do. I'm sure I've posted how to do them on here somewhere. Some guy went through them with me and I was so surprised how easy it was. A 10 year old could do them!
    Good luck. I will try to get some pics done within the next couple of days. regards/
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