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    Damixa mixer tap leaks

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can help? have a Damixa Jupiter tap ( which is constantly leaking from under the mixing handle. I had thought it was the cylinder, so have replaced this. However I am getting a constant drip bubbling up from the cylinder, then...
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    Mounting a heavy light

    the only joist I can see through the 5cm hole around the light cable is 9 cm high. Without ripping any holes in the ceiling, I can’t get at any others - so I’m a bit fixed by where the cable is.
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    Mounting a heavy light

    Hi, I'm looking to install a heavy (about 4kg) light to replace some old ones in our living room. The original one was just mounted on the plasterboard. I'm not confident that this will support the light, so want to mount it into the beam above the plasterboard ceiling. This is however 85mm...
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    Diverter valve issue

    Thank you very much - I'll ask the electrician to have a look at that. Tom
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    Diverter valve issue

    Thanks for the replies: No - which makes me think something isn't quite right rather than the valve suddenly dying! Please see image attached, thanks for your thoughts! Tom
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    Diverter valve issue

    Hi, We recently have had our old thermostat replaced with a Google Nest. However, we are having an issue with central heating. It now will only come on when the hot water is also being heated. I've had a look at the diverter valve, which has the markings "H M W" on. The indicator defaults to...
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    Blind repair for conservatory

    Hi All, I've got a series of blinds in the conservatory that have some lines connecting the top and bottom of the window, that the blinds run up and down on. The brackets on a couple of these have snapped and need replacing. However I don't know the source of the blinds, or what you would call...
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    Advice on prepping walls for painting

    Hi, I’m on my first decorating project having just moved house. We’ve had to strip a load of wallpaper and prep the walls for painting. In one room the wallpaper has brought off a load of the base paint layer from the plasterboard, and left a lot of patches. I’d appreciate any advice on the...