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  • go into settings at the top, then forum settings, at the bottom click allow bbcode, then always allow smilies.
    but you'll need to find bbcode smilies not html smilies. they are a bugger to find not like html.
    just type bbcode smilies in google etc.
    So you filter all requests for advice and decide not to answer them if you think the answer is obvious (clearly not to the user or they wouldn't ask) - well thats up to you. So why post a sarcastic reply?

    Psychologists determine that those with a personality that seems perpetually cynical and hostile such as people who are constantly putting others down, criticizing everything, and making cynical comments have low self esteem and a desire to raise oneself by publicly lowering others. They haven't learned how to constructively express their anger. Not surprisingly, they aren't likely to have many successful relationships. This anger is usually based on frustration. This frustration may be due to self perceived lack of achievement such as in their education or job, or sexual, financial or other difficulties such as an unhappy relationship with a partner, parents or other family members.
    I asked for advice on a problem, what exactly does your comment achieve other than make you feel superior? its plain to see you have posted similar unhelpful comments on other forum members questions - if you haven't got anything constructive to say then don't say anything
    Write Something...thanks for you help
    ****es me off i never done a whole bathroom before and no leaks but now this loss of hot water
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