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  • Hi, i have read your post about starting out. I am in the same position at the moment. I want to start up as a handyman/ home maintenace. I work as a handyman at a care home, minium wage and only 30 hrs a week. Whenever I have done jobs for people in the past, i have undercharged big time. i.e removing an old bathroom suite and replacing it, and tiling all the bathroom for £200. I have always done my own home maintenace so I have never had to pay anyone so I am not sure what people pay for jobs. I dont want to rip anyone off. How as it worked out for you? I have a website
    This is a free web site, so if you dont have one about your business, then try it. I have also got some business cards from vista print. Well worth the money and they are always emailing me about free stuff. I like to hear success stories because it gives me some inspiration to start up on my own.
    All the best in your business
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