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  • Continued, My 2nd query is, earth core from main supply cable is to discontinue, as it is not going up to Photocell, what do I do with it, just secure it and leave it or if I connect it to earth core from lamp fitting..

    Hi, I was just reading your thread regarding Installing a Photocell Kit, I have just 2 queries- 1) How can I run earth core from lamp fitting to Photocell, it's a 3 core, if I extend earth core from lamp fitting up to Photocell, how do I connect it to Photocell fitting (photocell fitting's 3 terminals are already gonna be use as Li, N, Lo, continued....
    Thanks for your reply. I didn't start a new topic because I was pretty sure about the diagram, just wanted to check it. Thanks for that.

    The diagram is a bit busy, but I was able to see enough of what was going on to figure it out. It's mainly the earths that are hard to follow. But you know what they are doing anyway, so it doesn't really matter. As mentioned in the other link you sent, the actual colour of the wires in my set up is different than in the diagram. But they are hooked up in the same way. In other words, all I had to do was change the colours in the diagram to make things match.

    Actually, it is surprising how strong the urge was to change the wiring in my switches to match what was in the diagram. But with a little logical thought, I realised that the electrons didn't care what colour wire they went down ... as long as they went where they should.

    I also looked at the link you gave me. I think I had seen that before during my search of topics in the Wiki at the beginning of the forum. Thanks for including it.


    Hi Spark123

    I have just read your comments about your experience with Alertelectrical when you purchased (or tried to) some lamps in January.

    Please accept my apologies if our service has not come up to scratch. I have no wish to make excuses, we have experienced some growing pains during a rapid increase in volume and we are aware that our standard of service has fallen below what we would like at times.

    I am making every effort to make sure that our service is as good or better than anything else currently offered on the internet and to this end we have completely changed our in house IT system this summer. Whilst problems do still happen I would like to think that they are significantly reduced over what they used to be.

    I hope you dont mind me posting to you privately, I didnt want to post public as there would have been a danger of it acting as a 'back door' advert for alertelectrical.

    Please accept my apologies for the poor experience that you endured when purchasing from my company.

    Yours sincerely

    Martin Randall
    [email protected]

    Off forum but once I was called to look at the light guard of a Furnival guiliotine at a printing works. Cutting up to 6 inch stacks of paper 4 feet wide these machines were lethal. So a light beam system locked the motor if the operator or any other object was near the blade, And it needed two buttons to be pressed to start the cut so both the operator's hands were on controls away from the blade. The union convener had the works, cutting and printing sections completely halted. On my arrival he demonstrated how the blade could still come down when the light curtain was blocked.

    Cut a long story short inside the light guard control there was a cut wire on the PCB. Severed right at the point where it bent to go through the board to be soldered. So it looked at first glance to be a wire that had snapped at the bend, It was later proved by forensic examination that the wire had been cut with cutters, Definate sabotage but no one was ever taken to task over it.


    Interesting that your spoof BASEC link takes you to Adam's site....

    Don't know how accurate the counter is though - 2 of the hits were:

    1) Me wanting to see the April Fool in its original form

    2) Me clicking again to get the site details to see if a whois or google search turned up anything interesting...

    Nice one though - the wording is done well.
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