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  • I used a demo jar in one of my 60 seconds ,id did write a structure plan of what i was gona say but as soon as i opened my mouth it went out of the window . Ive got my 10 minuts june the 12th
    did you do a demonstration or just talk for the 4 minutes, i've got myself a magnaclean demo jar (the ones you see in the merchants) might chat about the sludge in rads etc....
    If it's ok with you i'd like to bounce ideas off each other as to what to do and say in next meetings. I work for myself so don't really have anyone in this BNI situation.
    I had my 4 minutes last week , could of went better . My plan went out the window as soon as i opened my mouth. We have a sparky, builder, 2 types of cleaners , it bloke, wills person, accountant, financial adviser, recruitment company, archertect, web designer. business bloke (sorts management systems ect,) printer.
    I want to get into solar hopefully before some joins that does .Id leave i think if they did. It reducers development i think as thats the way were all going .
    Nothing as yet, but it's still early days. The chapter isn't complete yet still need a few seats to fill, they had a lot of people leave. How do you get on with your 60 second speech. I change mine totally each week, who is in your group? We a sparky, accountant, bookeeper, web designer, IT Guy, Solar Energy, Alarm, Slimmer, Candle lady, Cleaner, Event place.

    Have you had to do a 10 minute demo yet?
    Now mate , ive just noticed this message dont think i got an alert for it . Anyway , as far as i know ya wear the badge on ya breakfast meetings or do you mean the little one? I never thought about that one to be honest . Ive thought about showing their logo on paper work or maybe on the van . Its i havent really had work outside the group the the members have got me yet but atleast my membership is now covered.Have you had much yet ?
    Well ended up joining the BNI group, seems a good idea once you get your head around the working of the chapter. Like the group leader says it's not just the people in the group who needs the work, it's who they know. Potentially a lot of leads in the future. Just wanted to ask have you been referred work by wearing the BNI or do you not even bother wearing it.
    Yeah simple as that really . Just dont say too much , so more about one topic each week or you just get repetative. There are people that just say exactly the same each week but ya can understand to a point.
    I'll pass it on in a while, are you atmos or Intergas approved.

    Is the web sit being built or not loading.
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