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  • Steve

    The improvement if any of a screen mains lead from standard 13 amp plug is not worth the risk of reduced electrical safety.

    My career has been more that 40 years in electronic design, 12 years of which was designing radio paging systems that had to work in areas of high interference levels. Radio receivers in close proximity to powerful transmitters require high levels of screening.

    Screening mains leads has absolutely no value in the domestic area. If your house less than a few yards from a transmitter of more than a few kilowatts then screening may be necessary but then that screening will be needed around the amplier's input circuitry where active semi-conductor junctions act in similar way to the crystals in crystal radio sets and detect the radio signal.

    In the 1980 a number of double blind tests were set up and from the results there was clear proof that the audio experts and sales people could not distinguish between different types of cables around amplifiers. The main thrust was to determine whether cables made from oxygen free copper were any better than standard copper. No difference, some said the ordinary copper sounded better. The listeners could identify between different amplifiers so they did have discriminating hearing.

    The people selling these over priced cables and other "audio-phile" components are either con men taking advantage of the gullible or are them selves self deluded non scientific people.

    One of the expensive "must have devices" on sale in the UK is produced in a factory in small quantities for under £13 each. They are sold for over £200 with postage and packing extra.

    Part P and worms.

    I self built our house in 1981. total DIY including the gas installation. All legal. Recently we remodelled the kitchen with a lot of electrical work involved. The local building inspectors said that if the work was carried out properly and I was prepared to sign their standard form of compliance then they would be be OK with that process.

    Yet a friend in another borough is having great trouble as with his inspectors who are quibbling over the company he is using.


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