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    replacement d/g units

    Approx £90 a square metre supply and fit last time I looked into it.
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    Is this a double-glazed window?

    DG yes, also Ali and hardwood, so you'll get condensation on the inside of the white part of the frame, if you going to stop it (as well as ventilation) you'll need better windows.
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    Lime mortar mix

    Why dont you buy some ready mixed? save waste if your not a fast pointer, its dependable and will not contain any portland cement, which will mean its better for your building. Just search 'Lime Mortar' and if in doubt phone and ask for the best ready mix for you application.
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    Is this a pillar top or a pier cap and where might I get one

    That or google building salvage
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    More DPM?

    And if your worried about damp getting past the rather dodgy dpm/dpc join, get some liquid dpm and paint over the join and put some water proofer in the mix.
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    damaged bricks

    The bricks are 'spalling' caused by water penetration and then freezing and blowing the face of the brick off. Some bricks are softer that others and absorb more water, hence losing the face. We tend to cut out the worse ones completely and turn it round so no nasty 'new' bricks in an old...
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    Orangery Roofing System Cost?

    If you dont mind waiting I'm pricing one up this week, size is 4 x 3 m
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    EPDM dry seal for single glazing to wooden frame?

    Nope! its all down to preference, if you can do the dry glazing then go for it, I prefer silicone, doesnt mean you have to use it! Also the advantage is, it will be easy to replace. Go for it and let us know how you got on. :D
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    EPDM dry seal for single glazing to wooden frame?

    Have a little practice first and when you can do a nice bead, apply to the rebate and push the glass in, them leave it, dont fret about silicone that might have squeezed out, just leave it til the next day, get a nice sharp stanley knife and trim it off, it should mainly peel/rub off so no need...
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    EPDM dry seal for single glazing to wooden frame?

    Well yes it is a royal pain but just goes to show that its good! Low mod neutral cure in clear
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    Does this double glazing quote sound about right?

    Just doing a quick price in my head and thats not far off, say 900 a piece for the french doors plus an extra 40% for the paint to include some trims done in the same colour, 600 for the door a basic price of 400 for all the windows and you have.. 8320, I'm sure it could be fine tuned but the...
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    Extension - pricing!

    Yup fine. :D
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    EPDM dry seal for single glazing to wooden frame?

    For single glazing I'd use clear silicone, for double glazing I'd use doubled sided security foam tape
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    What do you call the separation between these two windows?

    Most profile producers make frame extensions, 'add ons' we call them, up to 50mm wide giving you the 100mm to cover the wall if fixed to each window, you would then need a trim called 'd' mould to cover the joint, or ask for a corner post if the wall is bulit in 3" blocks, dont forget to tell...
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    chimney removal advise

    They will be self supporting at a 45 degree angle (for a short while, long enough for you to get your bracket in), going up from the party wall, (as long as the tying brick is not fractured) remove enough to get the brackets in and relay any bricks that fall out above the bracket. Then you can...