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  • Hi Thermo , you posted a comment re postcrete and working with it dry in the hole first. I am attempting to erect a fence with a friend and the water is just not holding in the hole, we tried to mix the postcrete first then sling it in but it goes off so quick this was not good. In your post you suggest packing tight then pouring in water later, do I need to mix it or just simply cover with water until I can see a little water on top. I am beginning to think what have I started............

    many thanks
    Linda and fence friend.
    Hi Thermo, you posted a picture of fence panels sitting on a brick wall with brick pillars between them, looked like a drive way. How did you attach said fence panels to the wall pillars? Can you post a picture or advise in laymans terms as I myself have built a wall of similar statue and are looking to place panels in them like the picture but unsure of best method of fitting them to wall

    Thank you
    Hi Thermo. Thanks for posting to help me with my garden top soil - I have put a reply in the post with another question. Can you please take a look?

    Many Thanks for your advice.

    Hi Thermo, Thanks for the quick response, I'm retaining, part top soil, part light clay, part heavy clay (1/2 the wall at some points). My only concern about not putting a membrane or dpm behind the wall was that the water would seep through the wall and discolour the sleepers making ugly stains. I also have read some articles about building sleeper walls and they all suggest using some kind of dpm so not quite sure which way to go here ?

    Thanks Again.
    Hi, Not sure if you can help but I'm in the process of building a retaining wall out of new softwood treated railway sleepers. The wall is 1.2m high and about 6m long, I've been using your pics and comments as reference actually. I'm using the sleepers as post vertically 1.2m between each and then finally I'll be timberlocking the sleepers horizontally between these posts. My issue is drainage behind the wall, I can easily source the peforated drainage pipe which will redirect any water behind the wall, but I can't find a supplier who sells less that 50 m2 of wall drain material (waterproof membrane) what do you use to line your retaining walls ? and where do you get it from ?

    Many Thanks in advance
    Hi mate, regarding the Photoshop v7 thread. I have a copy of the full CS2 suite. We're now on CS4, but it so huge (12GB). If you want CS2, let me know, i'll burn a dvd for you.
    Hi there you look like the sensible handy chappie I need DIY advice from! Hope you can help. I recently bought some floating shelves from a shop on ebay. They are very heavy and look extremely good quality however my husband (who is not the greatest DIYer) has said that the fixing rods are not long enough to support the shelves with any weight on them. Each shelf is 1000mm wide.290mm in depth. the holes in the shelf are situated 100mm in at each end. The fixing rods are 100mm in length. When we attached the shelf to the brick wall it tipped forward as soon as we put a couple of books on it. Do you think it's the fixing rods being to short or the wall plugs and screws not being big enough. The plugs and screws were not supplied so we used our own. Any advice you have would be gratefully accepted.
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