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  • Many thanks what fantastic comments, the engineer is coming to site on Tuesday, I would prefer to build a timber frame building as it tends to be less messy and I have two good carpenters on site, we have three roof trusses in the building to support the roof and tie in the walls will the timber walls support the weight of the trusses, also when you build the timber frame do you have to insulate where the studs are or is it the overall integrity of the building. If you get a chance your comments would be appreciated if not I thank you for your help and I will sleep a lot easier tonight. I think the building inspector was bullying us as we are not experts and I hope that on Tuesday we will be able to move forward.

    Thanks again
    Thank you very much for your kind thoughts I went to site this morning and climbed down into the footings the clay is softish in that if you try to push a shovel in it actually goes in and that is where we are down 1.8m. I think the timber framed building is an excellent idea, would you use two skins of 100x50 with a Lancelot insulation, is this much lighter than two skins of blockwork, it would really appreciate your thoughts. I have arranged for a structural engineer to visit on Tuesday who I hope will be able to advise. How soft would footings have to be before they were unable to support a timber frame building. I wouldreally appreciate your thoughts as I did not get much sleep worrying about it last night.
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