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  • Ok Daveed first of all it is better to air your problem in the open appliance forum were you would get a bigger response from your posting having said that now you are more precise with the symptom the most probable cause is that the heater is open circuit as the next stage in your machine,s cycle after loading water is to heat the water up to programme temperature.if this does not happen ie if the heater is goosed the programme will just stop and wait at this point.
    Hi Tockworth,
    Thanks for your previous response,
    I am quit new to this site and have just accidentally clicked on your profile to view your response. I am not eactly sure how to pick responses to my requests. Which is the best place to pick responses?

    In terms of the machine, I found that its hangs after loading cold water and never manage to reach hot water muchless reaching rinse stage.

    Is this specific or at least less ambigous enough?

    Many thanks.

    Hi Daveed
    The symptoms you describe are a bit ambiguous however if you mean the programme stops midway through cycle (usually on the start of rinse part of programme ) and it is a machine with a top mounted motor then it is probably motor brushes which are not too difficult to fit.They can be fitted with the motor in situ.
    Hi Tockworth,
    I have a Hotpoint machine First Ed 1200 WM 53 which I have had for about 7years. Its not completing its wash cycle as normal. It stops and restarts itself the next day or about 8-12 hours later. Do you know what might be the cause of this? Is it worth fixing it?
    Please help.

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