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    utube for tv

    How can i receive utube on my tv via my Freesat box without subscribing to the film and sports package. the box is connected direct to my pc router, and i can display the utube logo when the box is set to webb, i have tried connecting my ipad to the box via the usb with no luck. i am not signed...
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    astra oil presure switch

    yeah! I checked with my local Vauxhall spares and was told there should be no pressure at the grommet, so the switch must be faulty, it was a motor factors part, so i will get a GM replacement, Thanks
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    astra oil presure switch

    the oil pressure switch on my MKV Astra is leaking oil from around the grommet that sits on the probe that's connected to the wiring, I have replaced the switch previously due to this fault, but the grommet does not come with the switch, and I am unsure if the grommet is a oil seal or a retainer...
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    Who knows how to tighten the toilet seat

    mine is similar to the one shown only with separate covers and they are retained by nuts underneath as are most seats
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    Haynes Car Museum

    Hi any car fanatics out there who have not yet paid a visit to the home of diy car maintenance, the museum is located at Sparkford near Salisbury, the museum itself is a bit isolated ( it needs the space ) if your not local its worth booking a B&B just for a visit, forget modern paintwork the...
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    fuel sensor

    I am trying to sort a problem with a Renault Clio, that a diagnostics test has shown has a fuel sensor problem, its a 53 plate petrol engine, the Haynes manual I have does not list a fuel sensor, am I right to assume this is referring to the Map sensor, hope its something simple.
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    clio petrol filter

    problem is having started up fine it cuts out then after a while it starts ok and seems fine for a while then its back again and can take ages to get it started I previously fitted a new coil pack and plugs and the engine is in fairly good condition
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    Engine management light on 1998 corsa 1.0 12v

    had the same problem with my Vectra but each time I booked it in they were unable to locate a fault since when they switched the lamp off there was no light showing when they ran the engine but one of the fitters a Vectra owner pointed out that the cable had been routed to close to the exhaust...
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    clio petrol filter

    yeah but at what point does the petrol get filtered to keep out any crud and where is it someone said it was on the offside behind the wheel arch liner!!
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    clio petrol filter

    I need to change the filter on a Renault clio 1.2 16valve 03 plate have been told its part of the petrol pump but cant find any reference to the filter in the Haynes manual my local car parts motor factors say there is a filter available for the model against the registration id any help with...
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    Shower booster install

    I installed a grundfoss one bar pump to power my wet room shower it's a bit noisy but it does the job!!
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    combi hot supply

    Many thanks!! there's no monopoly on brains it just the common sense I need
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    combi hot supply

    I need to fit new sink taps but can see any inline shut off valve for the hot water the mains is ok as I can turn off the mains inlet, help please
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    Astra timing chain

    I am about to change the timing chain on my mk5 1.4 Astra I have the chain kit and the tools for locking the timing at TDC has anyone done this job previously and is there any procedures I need to take extra care with, have done plenty of timing belts but the chain looks more involved, had a...
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    epson printer

    Finally I have picked up this thread again to let those who responded, know the outcome of my problem, As I said the printer kept repeating the head clean process,and being totally p----d of I put it in the shed for the next tip trip. I was later told to manually force the print head out of the...