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  • hello vinno i'm replying to you're request for workmen near bala.i can cover most of the topics you covered except for electrics,don't have time to go into detail at the moment,i am about to leave,i am working at stanstead airport this week,so won't be able to post a reply on this site until i get home until friday evening,you can contact me on 07779 657438,if there's no reply i will call you back as soon as i get chance,or text me,by the way i'm mick and i live in wolverhampton,cheers..
    Hello Vinno,
    Responding to your topic on work near Bala.
    I'm actually in Liverpool, but frequent Barmouth (my Dad's got a place there).
    Could call at yours and talk through what's needed etc.

    07721 064 521
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