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    2013 grand cmax locking doors

    Not got keyless entry but when I get out of car after journey the key fob doesnt lock the doors for a couple of minutes. After that it operates fine but its annoying especially in rain
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    Raveheat boiler losing pressure

    expansion vessel flat or pipe blocked
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    Remeha Avanta Plus Boiler Fault

    Prepare to get a mortgage if you need a part as they are VERY expensive
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    f75 fault is displayed as when pump gets power pcb expects water pressure to change (like a pump proving device). do basics like make sure pump running correctly water clean exp vessel charged correctly pipe to expansion vessel not blocked. have you put the modified part on which involves...
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    Grunfos pump impeller direction?

    Depends on system type etc which way pump should be pumping ie gravity fully pumped etc need more info but it may be just air-locked is the system full of water at rads and circs at cylinder etc
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    Programmer wiring.

    What system have you got? on an s plan 3 is dhw on 4 is c/htg on terminal 1 is a hot water off terminal which is only used on y plan so shouldn't be linked to live
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    Central heating pump and 3 way motorised valve problem

    you old system was called an smc controller system with a smc controller clock which uses a relay to power boiler. As you have now converted to a y-plan you will need to alter wiring centre & change programmer
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    Ideal classic FF240 not firing up

    boiler probably ok only running for a short time because pump not cooling it down have you checked the 3 amp fuse in fused spur (pump may have blown fuse & subsequently tripped rcd)
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    No central heating

    circulation problem could be pump not running or impellor snapped or the large pipes on lhs of blr could be blocked
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    gas fitter

    Fitting a hob with a flex is not allowed you can only use rigid or semi rigid copper
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    Hot Water Only but Radiators Still Coming On?

    With that blr system must be fully pumped so i would be suspecting diverter valve
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    Replacing Boiler Time Clock Controller

    Will need more infi ie fully pumped or gravity what controls you have if any etc.You may be better off changing blr as efficiency will be very low (well under 65%)
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    Diehl 884 Timer on Baxi 105 HE Boiler

    There are 4 wires to clock live neutral & the 2 switched wires so to prove clock faulty join 2 switched wires together temporarily
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    Worcester E9.24 RSF - no hot water unless CH on

    Switch can be operated manually but as there is no movement of diaphragm blr will only pass water to htg circuit anyway
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    Potterton MSV 322 3 way valve problem

    I would be looking at spindle on valve body is it stiff