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  • Hi can anyone help! Just want to know do I have to cut the corners on every drip edge with felt even with using drip cards if so how much do you cut off? I have done lots of drips and they look good it just they full short sometimes even though I have cut them all the same size
    Thanks! Was worried about the movement of the roof if I torched it straight on! These are the materials I have been given to use
    Hi whit the way I carry out my torch on system is by laying a loose lay perforated layer then torching on a 2mm underlay layer. Finally finishing with mineral torched down layer. The reason for laying the loose lay mineral layer is to allow for movement in the roof. I wouldn't tack down the first underlay torch on layer personally. If you want to put 2 layers of torch on underlay down then torch them both. Good luck
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