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  • Hi Everyone,

    I recently came across your great forum by accident and hence I have just joined as I'm after some HELP Please !!!

    I currently have a Switchmaster 900 programmer fitted to my central heating system, controlling heating and hot water.

    MY PROBLEM - The timer has ceased to function !!!

    Can someone please recommend what would be either the best replacement for a Switchmaster 900 CentralHeatingController or if this is a fixable problem as my switch has never broken down before and if so what is the fix ?

    If unfixable, then I would prefer an electro-mechanical version if possible otherwise a digital compatible, if no alternative is available, and also one that requires the least re-wiring.

    Question #1 Is the problem Fixable ? What is the Fix ?

    Question #2 How easy a task will it be with the different wiring system to fit ?

    question #3 If unfixable - Which replacement item is best Mechanical or Digital and please advise model number and which type is best ?

    Question #4 Where can I find one and how much would it cost as mine is old and hence may not make them anymore ?

    Question #5 Where can I find a link or a copy of the original manual for the switchmaster 900 to get the original wiring diagram from....

    Any help would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks In advance


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