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    identifying debris - asbestos?

    My belly button fluff is always blue.
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    Remember when -

    And phone numbers just had 4 digits. Ours was 4541.
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    Flat Tyre - Thwarted By The Simplest Things

    Are doggers mainly tyre fitters?
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    Are these fault code readers any good?

    Probably depends on what you want it for. I've got one that looks identical but yellow and cheaper on ebay. I bought it as my daughters Fiesta eml had come on. It told me what the fault was ( problem with the cat sensors) and allowed me to clear the fault. It seems to work okay with my Peugeot...
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    Dog gnawed door frame

    Maybe a typing error for sand to shape?
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    I felt very very self satisfied and pleased yesterday..... Driving .....

    Which is why it's much safer to reverse park. Most of the places I work at reverse parking is compulsory and I find it far easier and safer especialy when I'm in my van.
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    "Loop" Connector.

    But don't get them mixed up. I've found that wires tend to fall out of a chunk of Cadburies :whistle:
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    Holiday pay kick off at work

    You say you are contracted to a 40 hour week. I assume that means you are full time with the company. Looking at the link you gave you should get 40 hours pay. The 'previous 12 weeks' bit looks like it only applies to casual workers with no fixed hours.
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    Found buried in the garden

    Why not cover it back up until December and buy your wife a rotary clothes line for xmas :LOL:
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    Insurance auto-renewal

    Try the following It's not just for 0870 numbers!! Type in the number or the company name and see if it brings up a non peak rate number.
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    Spilt drink, tripped fuze

    Keep drinking the white until you can't see the red stain???
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    Brilliant names for a firm

    There used to be a scaffold company that went to Didcot power station. They were called 'BJ Champion'. Always thought it was a bit of an odd thing to advertise :D
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    Advice needed to wire a plug

    I'm after some advice on wiring a plug. I'm normally okay with plugs but this one has me confused. What cable should I be using and would a 3A fuse be okay? I've attached a couple of pictures to give you a better idea of what I'm working with.
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    Tower cranes

    I know it's not a tower crane but I've just been working at a power station where they were using a huge Baldwin 1275t mobile crane. It had to be assembled on site by another crane and a convoy of lorries. Photo attached is of the crane from Baldwins web site.
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    Top Gear

    I'm not a fan of JC but The Grand Tour is far better than Top Gear. The new team just don't work.