1. K

    How to connect to clay sewage pipe

    Shown connection to clay waste coming in at steep angle from toilet directly behind wall. We are moving toilet further away from the wall and so need shallower angle of connection all the way to clay pipe to get steady drop over the distance. We are not using a mascerator because of sanitary...
  2. cwhaley

    90 Degree Flexible Waste Pipe

    Just plumbing in a new downstairs WC in a small extension. Stud walls are up, water feed is connected up and ready to supply the toilet and washing machine but I've hit a bit of a problem working out how to deal with waste from the toilet... The toilet will be backed up against the rear of the...
  3. D

    Drainage regs - shared 110mm soil pipe branch with basin, ok?

    Hello, I am currently replacing the external 110mm soil pipes during a bathroom renovation. Q can I use a strap on boss to connect the basin bathroom waste, 32mm solvent weld, entering 45 degree from vertical , to the 110mm soil WC waste branch via strap on boss, rather than to the vertical...
  4. robodelfy

    Installing soil stack so it can come apart again easily?

    Hi, I took off my very old soil stack with the intention of getting external wall insulation done. The company could do it in a few weeks which would be fine, but I just heard the news about grants in September for these kinds of jobs, and I'm on borrowed money so I feel it would be best to wait...
  5. H

    Does a flexible WC pan connector fit directly inside a ring seal and/or solvent weld fitting?

    Hi, please forgive the newbie question: Will a standard McAlpine Flexible WC Pan connector like this... ... fit directly into a ring seal connector.... and/or a solvent weld connector.... ...on a standard 110mm soil pipe? Or would I need to insert a cut piece of pipe inside each...
  6. acurachris

    Drainage through underground walls

    Hi I was hoping to pass a foul drainage pipe through the walls under the ground although not sure it's going to work now. As pictured, there is four courses of brick sat on on the concrete ring beam, then the block and beam floor will sit on this. I will need to lintel over the pipe, so that...