2 port valve

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    Wiring a heatmiser UH4.

    Hi I have a valiant protec 28 combi boiler and is wired thru a honeywell 10 way junction box. I have to add some new zones so thought of getting a heatmiser uh4 wiring box but I am confused as to how do I migrate the wiring connections from the old to the new heatmiser UH4. All the connections...
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    S plan blowing fuses

    Hi I have run out of ideas so hope that someone here might have come across this problem before. Basically I have fitted a new valve on the heating side and now the system runs fine for about an hour and then blows the fuse in the spur. I cannot find any problem in the wiring. The valve base was...
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    Too many zone valves

    hello Hope someone can help! Fitting Hive thermostats to a large home which has a fully pumped system with dual zone central heating and hot water cylinder running off a Potterton gas boiler. Confused by the three 2-port valves which are on the flow side of the system immediately after the pump...
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    Connecting UFH to Combi Boiler

    I am currently connecting my UFH system to my combi boiler (Worcester Bosch 42CDI). I will T off from the existing radiator flow and put in a 2 port motorised zone valve on the rad flow, will I need a 2 port zone valve on the UFH circuit? I cant ever see a situation when my UFH will not be...