1. eveares

    20A BS1362 Fuses!

    Link's below, anyone fancy buying them and testing to see what current on average they fail at. Now I knew there were dangerous and non compliant 15A BS1362 style fuses on the market, but now we seem to have 20A rated BS1362 style fuses to! :D...
  2. eveares

    Cooker Isolator with two 20+ Amp outlets?

    Just got my self a Electrolux Built in combi microwave oven that has a connected load of 3000W. It is going along side my existing 3.5KW Electrolux steam oven. While a 13A BS1362 fuse will just about take this 3000W Load, the manual is ambiguous. On one hand it says; What suggests it has to...
  3. T

    20 Amp DP Switch on 32 Amp Ring Main

    Hi, I am getting a lot of conflicting information regarding my query. Can you have a 32 amp ring main (two 2.5mm cables) into a 20 amp DP switch then to a single 2.5mm cable to a single socket? So 20 amp DP switch - 2 cables IN (on the ring) and 1 cable OUT (to a single socket) Thanks