1. D

    Do the olives in rad trvs restrict the flow much when crimping them up?

    I have some 8mm tails that need extending to the rad. Would it be of any benefit if I continued them to the rad valves with 10mm?
  2. T

    8mm copper to 15mm plastic connector. Possible?

    I have recently moved house and would like to move a radiator from a side wall, to one below the window as is more pleasing to the eye. I understand why it was not placed under the window, as my house is old and has concrete flooring so would be difficult when it comes to the pipework...
  3. Edward1456

    Can I use 7mm door spindle in a 8mm hole when fitting new knobs?

    Does it matter that the 7mm is a little bit loose in the hole? It's not so small that it turns/flips over within the hole. I'm just finding it impossible to find the correct width spindle for these doors. 8mm spindles were too tight. 7mm are a bit loose. The spindles that came with the...
  4. JimDogweed

    Replace TRV with 8mm pipe

    I have a faulty TRV. When the pin is fully open, it's fine. But I notice it leaks when the pin is depressed and the TRV is off. I've tried giving it a tap, wiggle, and some WD40. I'm looking to replace the TRV and re-use the nut/olive - so I can swap the TRV over without having to cut any pipe...