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    Drainage layout advice

    Hi, can anyone advise if the layout shown in the drawing and photo is likely to be ok? I’m in the process or replacing the drains in advance of new patio. When I dug it out I discovered a combination of 45deg bend and 90deg junction just before the run into the sewer under our extension,with no...
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    Connecting new utility & toilet space to existing drainage??

    Hi, I'm looking for some advice / guidance on a project we are considering. We are considering putting a new utility and toilet space downstairs. In order to do this we would need to run the waste pipes backwards, circa 2 metres, to join the existing waste drainage which joining waste from...
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    Underground drainage design : drop shaft & ensuring future compatibility for moving bathroom

    The original cracked/leaking clay drainage of the house has been disconnected and partially removed, with an inspection chamber installed as described in this thread (thank you to those who so kindly offered advise) We have temporary drainage set up & need to figure out the next step. This is...