1. S

    What's the hardest part about using Acrow props

    Hi , am new here :)) I'm going to be using Acrow props for a project soon for the first time but I've been told things about people fighting with them - struggling to adjust the final height etc., is it really that bad? I had a look into alternatives (brick brace etc.) but they are just so...
  2. R

    Replacing Cut Bricks in Fireplace Chimney Breast

    Hi all! I'm opening up a fireplace, ready to accept a wood burning stove. Property is 1918. It's clear it's been chopped about over the years. At some point it seems to have had some kind of large inset fire or similar installed. I haven't been able to quite figure out what it was (any...
  3. A

    Do I need a lintel?

    We're looking to open up a cupboard space in the kitchen. Made up for 4 brick walls, which used to house the original heating system. Concrete pad sitting on top of the brickwork below ceiling level. (Just above the vent for reference) Chimney sits on the concrete and continues through rest...
  4. F

    When to remove acrows

    4m rsj went in Tuesday and the 10mm gap between steel and existing brickwork above was packed with 3:1 sharp sand:cement (very dry, just clumping). Also banged in some slate where I could get a tight fit. This is indoors so heated each evening. The mortar felt as hard as a rock 24 hours...
  5. S

    Are acro props enough? Strongboys/scaffolding/racking shores

    Very soon we are intending on creating an open plan kitchen/diner by holding up the gable end of the house using "picture frame" type steels. The calculations mention considering to use scaffolding/racking shores? Are these necessary? We were intending on using plenty of Strongboy XLs (on a...
  6. J

    Expanding my fireplace opening

    Hi all - newbie on here and would like some help So I’m living in a Taylor Wimpey house built in the year 2000 - it had a gas fire in the living room and chimney on the roof. I decided this year that I’d like to install a log burner- however after taking out the fire I found that the clearance...
  7. mrmadhat

    Concrete roof - Do I need acrow props?

    I have an outhouse that is currently seperated into 3 seperate spaces (storage/coal cupboard/toilet) it's brick built with a concrete roof. I want to remove the internal walls to create an open space and make use of it in some way. My dad was concerned that it might be load bearing so I asked a...
  8. S

    1 Tonne Beam Help

    Hi Everyone, I am putting an extension on my house (3 bed Semi) and we are opening up the back of the house to make it open plan. The steel calculations have come back and I have to put in a 8 m 305 x 305 118 Universal column which is 1 tonne in weight. My problem is the restricted access I...