active heating

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    BDR91 to Hive conversion advice

    Hi all! Our old thermostat controller isn't working anymore, so we are looking to do a DIY upgrade from the old Honeywell BDR91 to Hive. We would appreciate some advice from the experts on this forum! We have a "Vaillant EcoTech Pro 28" combi boiler, and I have attached the current BDR91...
  2. M

    Danfoss TP4000 to Hive

    Hi Guys, I have a Hive Active Heating and a separate Multizone ready to install. I am fairly confident in the way it works just unsure which wires to put where as I appear to have numbers 1-12 on my back plate currently! Any help would be much appreciated :) Danfoss Backplate by mrsarcysean...