adt alarm

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    ADT Visonic Powermax 10 tamper fault clearing

    Hi. I wonder if anyone can help me please. My daughter has moved into a house with an ADT Visonic Powermax10 wireless alarm. My daughter wanted to avoid the cost of an ADT contract and their call out charges that are quite high. The door sensor (looks like a PG9975 or similar) was reporting...
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    ADT Alarm

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone could shine any light on an ADT alarm that is in a house we have just moved in to. The previous occupants have cancelled the monthly subscription and we are not looking to take this on, but would like to use it as a stand alone non monitored alarm - if possible. ADT...
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    ADT Alarm equipment

    Hi Guys, looking for a tiny bit of help! As part of my job, I’ve been tasked with assisting one of our autistic young people with his COVID-19 school project. He has a fascination with alarm equipment specifically ADT as that’s what we have in the school - to cut a long story short, we are...