Concrete pad for attached garden room advice please

    Hi All, Hope you are well, we have recently purchased a property and currently putting some plans in place. One thing we will be doing is putting a addroom on the back (a lean to garden room attached to the house. However i have a dilemma with the air bricks of the original house. In usual...
  2. joshuaro

    Replace air brick wasps nest

    Moved into an old house last week. Tried to find the source of a smell in a cupboard and found this. Pictured from the outside too. It was covered in the inside with a bit of cardboard taped around it and since I've removed the cardboard I've seen 5 or so wasps around. Do I need the nest...
  3. P


    Hi all, I wonder if anyone can advise. We bought a 1930s property and decided to sleeve off/bridge the airbricks that were already there to ventilate the underfloor. I heard that the cavities need ventilation too? Will bridging the airbricks afect the cavities? We are planning on installing...
  4. M

    1930's house cavity walls and solid floors, air brick in external leaf?

    Hi Long time browser first time poster, Recently acquired a 1930's house with cavity walls. Previous owners had problems with damp and had DPM injected and cavity insulated. (early 90's) We have had most of the downstairs replastered during renovations and found some damp patches near the...
  5. D

    Need to add airbrick channel under solid concrete extension - HELP!!!

    Hi All, I have just bought an old 2 story singleskin (no cavity) mid-terraced house that has suspended wooden floors throughout. Ive been hacking away at the ungodly amount of renovations that need doing and come across one that has me stumped... A more recent extension has been built running...
  6. D

    Damp gable end

    Hi everyone First time buyer here who is keen to listen and learn from the experienced people. About 8 months ago we bought a 1930's end of terrace property. Since then we have noticed a significant issue with 'rising damp' and as such we have some dry-rot in the floor joists and floor boards...