alarm cable

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    G2-12 Alarm Bell Wiring

    Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help me. I've recently installed a Honeywell G2-12 into my home. I've installed all the sensors and everything was working fine. Lastly I needed to wire the internal sounder (i've decided I don't require ta bell box at the moment). Whilst installing the internal...
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    Do all the coloured wires in an alarm mean anything?

    I've just had to fiddle around with another burglar alarm, and wondered what all those colours in the detector cables mean. There's so many different colours that start with yellow, blue, black and red in 4 core. It then gets even prettier with more colours in higher cored cable. I've never...
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    DIY Install: Wireless & Wired Alarm Questions

    Hello, I'm wanting to purchase a wireless kit, but also has wired capabilities. I rang one of your highly recommended companies, Pyronix today, but unfortunately they are closed over the weekend, so I decided to post on here. I want a wireless alarm system for ease of install, but I was...
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    Alarm cabling

    I'm about to start wiring a residential property to install a new alarm and was after some advice about what cabling to install.. from reading these forums it seems the general consensus is to install 8 core everywhere to allow adding extra devices to zones or to have spares in case there is a...