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  1. O

    Advice on wiring Nest Thermostat E to Alpha Eco Combi Boiler

    Hi, I.m looking to add a Nest Thermostat E to my Alpha Eco Boiler. The boiler has no room stat but just a timer. My understanding is that I should leave the timer in and set it to always on. I should then remove the link connecting 1 and 2 and run instead two wires from 1 to NO/Call for heat...
  2. martinwb

    Hot water Cylinder "Gurgling"

    Today we had a visit from a BG engineer and his notes say replaced PRV in boiler. I assume this is a "pressure release valve" Anyway since he left when my hot water timer comes on to heat the tank its like a loud gurgling noise next to the 3 way valve in the cupboard upstrairs. Now when we...
  3. D

    Alpha Intec recurring E96 error

    Hi I have an Alpha Intec (25XE) boiler and getting an E96 error message every now and then. According to the manual, the error refers to "Blocked or restricted flue". I had a gas safe engineer service the boiler a few days ago and he also cleaned some limescale deposit and condensate in the...
  4. M

    Alpha InTek 40GS with multizone Nest

    Hi Guys Sparky here but I'm really scratching my head on this one. Alpha boiler which currently has both a wired Alpha stat (connected to BUS on the boiler) and a second RF Alpha thermostat connected to a relay board. The boiler also has a Honeywell 3 port valve actuator also connected to the...
  5. S

    Alpha cd28c pressure not increasing when heating is on

    Pump runs, hot water going into central heating pipe, first 3 rads getting hot water but last 3 rads warm at the inlet but rads cold. Hot water is working ok. when the heating is on pump is running but only about an eighth of a bar increase in pressure. I'm thinking that there is not enough...
  6. L

    Alpha CB28 troubles - ask for an advice

    I would be hugely grateful for some help with my boiler - Alpha CB28. It has some failure - it's trying to star when the water in on - sound like trying to start a fire but it goes off after 1-2 sec. Somebody advised that it could be a circuit board and that its probably better to put a new one...
  7. M

    Temp' fix needed for combo valve

    IMG_7644 by MPEJ posted 10 Jun 2017 at 1:56 PMI'm replacing the Alpha CB28 in my house in the near future c.o a re-mortgage. But I need to temporarily stop the four buckets a day's worth of water that is dropping out of a valve on the base. Can someone advise on what this valve is and if/how it...
  8. S

    Alpha Cooker/Boiler (oil)

    Hi All, I have an Alpha 140k cooker/ Boiler. However, it's playing up. Even when the programmer is all off on the display the boiler is constantly kicking in. This is costing us huge amount in keep refilling the oil. Thanks in advance for your advice
  9. J

    Nest 3rd Gen Installation onto Alpha 28c

    Hi All, I have recently taken delivery of a nest 3rd generation and fairly confident in installing it but for my own clarity can the following be confirmed for me. Currently have an alpha 28c boiler with the alpha receiver plumbed into it as below (attached) Now the wiring the diagram matches...
  10. N

    Hive Thermostat Receiver Installation query

    Hi, I have a Alpha Intec 26c combi boiler. I want to fit and single channel Hive thermostat/Receiver. (I will get My registered electrician friend to do the fitting) Currently My boiler already has an Alpha 24hr wireless programmable room thermostat. So I just want to replace this receiver...
  11. A

    Alpha 240p DHW Diverter Valve Gland Nut leaks

    Hi I have 2 problems, I've replaced the gland nut on the front of the DHW diverter valve, some 8 months ago, but it is now leaking again from the pin directly behind the micro switch, mainly when no heating has been on. In addition as the hot water takes a while to heat up, I have to put the...
  12. T

    Nest Heat link to Alpha eco2

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum but I've been reading it for quite a while and I thought I would register today as I was looking to get some help on a problem and I couldn't find the solution online. I recently purchased a Nest thermostat (2nd gen), and I wanted to wire it up to the boiler...
  13. T

    No hot

    Hi New to the forum, sorry if this is in the wrong area I have seen similar posts but nothing that helps me. I have a Alpha CD25X boiler that is approx 8-10yrs old, central heating is fine (it did have a bad leak about 8months ago that may have caused some other damage??). However the hot...