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    Alternative to sadolin super dec

    Hi all, is there a Matt or eggshell alternative to sadolin super dec opaque finish for door sills? im painting the windows and doors with little greene toms oil eggshell (Celestial Blue) and I’ve painted a sill in superdec (satin) as a tester but it looks naff and way too shiny against the...
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    Underground Drainage Any Alternative to Normal Clay Pipe Adaptor?

    Need to connect into downpipe from the gutter, normally not an issue but... Have a clay underground drainage pipe that extends only 5 cm from the side of my garage. That includes the lip, also there are some minor cracks extending about 8 cm into the pipe body. Have tested the pipe by...
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    Replacing ground floor pipework

    Our house was converted from an old barn in 1986. The builder installed microbore central heating with the ground floor pipes buried in the slab. Unsurprisingly, we have just suffered a pretty major leak which drops the pressure from 2 bar to zero in 15 minutes. The walls in the area are...