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    Oil soaked alternator

    Hi, A couple of weeks after service the seal on the new oil filter went and coated the diesel engine on my Dacia Logan with oil. The garage fixed this and jet washed the engine. But less than a week later my alternator has failed. It had been coveredon oil They say the incidents are not...
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    Vectra Gearbox or Alternator Whine ?

    Hi.... A few days ago I noticed that my 2006 Vectra C had developed a high pitched whine (sounds a bit like a car reversing fast or a milk float). My first thoughts were that it was the gearbox but following some online searches the alternator kept cropping up as a possible culprit. Strangely...
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    Charging problems

    Well, it finally happened! Having never let me down, my 30 year old Alfa 164 finally arrived home last night on the back of a recovery truck... I'd driven up to Glasgow (about 150 miles) in the morning. No problems. On the way home, I'd got about 70 or 80 miles and noticed the voltmeter...
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    Brushless alternator fault

    Hi folks, Not been on here for a few years. see some familiar names though. Can anyone help me troubleshoot a 3.5 KVa capacitor regulated brushless alternator? It produces almost no voltage on the outputs (about 4 Vac open circuit at stator winding) So far I have: 1: checked the excitation...
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    Alternator problems??

    Hi I think I have alternator problems as my battery keeps going flat. Its a brand new battery. Vehicle details are as follows Toyota Corolla 1.4 VVT-i T3 5-Door 2005 from what i can tell the alternator has an external voltage regulator. I am posting photos. Can someone tell me which is the...