1. J

    Underfloor heating and Amtico Spacia

    Hi everyone, I have recently bought a new build that has underfloor heating in the whole ground floor with Amtico spacia (as default). I am working through the snag list and I am trying to find out if it has been laid out properly but I haven’t been able to find an answer through my searches...
  2. D

    Putting down lvt

    Based on prior diy experience of furniture self-assembly only, I have set myself on an ambitious project of laying amtico click smart lvt throughout the house except bathrooms and kitchen although might bring someone in to do the stairs. I’ve read up forum posts on the topic and my plan is: 1)...
  3. G

    Plywood over floorboards before Karndean/Amtico

    Hello All, I am in the process of renovating the bathroom and there is currently a 12mm OSB board laid over the original floor boards. We intend to have a Karndean/Amtico floor laid so I will be removing said OSB and replacing with 12mm plywood, which I take is common to both floor types...
  4. B

    Laying Amtico over existing Amtico

    Wondering if anyone has any experience or advice...we would like to lay Amtico vinyl strips/tiles over existing Amtico that was already here when we moved in. We have sucesfully laid Amtico before in a smaller room so we have a bit of experience in the actual finishing of it but that was over a...
  5. W

    Laying Amtico - Advice for a Newbie

    I have a bit of a situation at the moment whereby I was due to have some Amtico laid for me a few weeks ago. Having spent months trying to locate a fitter, the agreed date finally came around. However, for one reason or another, the fitter wasn't able to lay the flooring during the agreed time...
  6. bettz1

    Amtico Floor help

    Hi i'm after some advice on how i can restore or salvage my amtico flooring in the kitchen. We had a white plastic mat on the floor in which we placed our puppys water and food bowls. It looks as tho the water has spilled and gone underneath the mat and has marked the floor Any advice on how...
  7. K

    Marine or exterior ply for Karndean / Amtico subfloor?

    Hi, I'm prepping for my new Karndean floor and in the past my fitter has used 6mm marine ply as a subfloor. But as my lounge is now about 4 times as big as the last project I'm wondering if I can use exterior grade ply instead? This seems a lot more affordable. The description says it is...