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    Blown vinyl vs Anaglypta ?

    I'd appreciate comments on the pro's and cons of Blown vinyl vs Anaglypta for the hall and stairs of a house that we have recently bought {since I retired}. The house is only 30 years old, so the walls are in decent shape, no remedial work needs to be done, I've already done the walls with...
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    Plaster over anaglypta paper

    Hi, we moved into an old terrace 3 years ago that had been renovated by the previous owner. Most of the plastering is quite good except in the hallway and up stairs, we thought some sanding would solve the uneven walls......We now know why the walls are so bad, we can see wall paper pattern...
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    Another old wallpaper thread...! Driving me mad!

    Okay so I have trawled books and the internet to find this blummin' wallpaper... We've just moved into a house and the whole downstairs and up the staircase to the landing is covered in this paper. Right now we just dont have the time to re-do the whole thing as it is encrusted with paint and a...
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    Can anyone identify this ceiling paper pattern?

    Hello everyone, I am new to here but I am hoping someone can help me out. Long story but basically my wife & I are selling our flat - just about to exchange and we have had a leak from upstairs and amongst other things our ceiling paper in the hallway must be at least partially replaced...