1. D

    New aerial type?

    I lost the signal from my 30yr old aerial, it was pointed straight at a booster station a few km off. I turned the tv on to see what gives whilst I tinker with the aerial; when I disconnected the coax from the aerial the visual/audio returned? But the signal vanished when I reconnected to the...
  2. eveares

    In regards to subwoofers, what's the difference between a motor and a voice coil?

    I have seen a number of videos on YouTube of people talking about their car subwoofers and the respective "motors"; what from what I can tell, the motor is the round big bit at the back of the subwoofer what contains what I would call the voice coil. Is "motor" just another name for the voice...
  3. PhotographyJosh

    Behringer FCA610 Humming

    Hi, I have a Behringer FCA610 that is making a humming noise and flashing the lights when you power it up, I have taken the front board off and it is still humming, I was wondering if anyone has experienced this before? I am suspecting the transformer on the PCB or possibly a cap thats failed...
  4. eveares

    Speaker Wattage Woes!

    So a couple of months back I got a pair of Alto True Sonic TS210 PA speakers for outdoor events. However the wattage rating of them is strange to say the least. According to, they have a continuous RMS power rating...
  5. eveares

    £3,500 0.9M IEC Power cable?

    I sometimes wonder how much does it really cost to make such a audio-foolery power cable and does anyone really buy them at the ridiculous advertised price.