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    Glue tile backers to stud?

    To help prevent panels dropping later, I was thinking of glueing aquapanels to the stud (additional to screwing & edge glueing panels with proprietary glue). Any thoughts? Panels to be supported on horiz. rail anyway, so just run some Gorilla up the stud before fixing them?
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    Batten or grout internal masonry wall to take Aquapanel?

    I was going to grout 6mm Aquapanels to a single leaf rendered breeze wall behind a new bath, I really don't have much space (not enough for CLS) but I might just squeeze some planed in if preferred. Thank you.
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    Should I glue and screw Aquapanel to stud?

    I have a stud going in at each end of a bath and was wondering what thickness Aquapanel on the stud would best? To tile over. What does primer (BAL etc) actually do? Does it go on both sides? And what glue would I use to fix the Aquepanel to the stud (plus screws), would Gorilla be ok? Thank you.