barrier pipe

  1. J

    Move an external tap from lead to new location. What to use

    Got an External tap connected to lead pipe and copper just pushed in not even welded or sealed. Not sure how this was not leaking. Now need it to be moved to another location 10m further the garden. Was thinking to use lead copper adaptor and then use barrier pipe. Can anyone advise if the...
  2. D

    Barrier pipe for central heating

    I'm looking to change my microbore pipes to plastic for central heating is it ok tpo this I'm doing 15mm copper from rad but what is best under floor thanks
  3. S

    Bathroom advice

    Hi Currently in the process of modernising the bathroom, one of the things we want to do is move the bath supply pipes that run width ways, wanted to cut this in the centre and put an elbow on and run lengthways 1.5mtr but after removing some floor boards Ive found there is a metal girder/beam...