bathroom accessories

  1. G

    Impact on water pressure with a shower head/Tap combo

    Hello, Does anyone have any info or advice on if/how much of an effect having one of the bath tap set ups that comes with a built in shower head attachment will have on the overall pressure? I have previously been advised that my current boiler might struggle with pressure and maintaining heat...
  2. marcin80

    Help with identification of bath diverter valve please

    Hi, I'm looking for help please with identification of the make and model of attached bath unit. I'd like to replace the diverter valve if possible. Or should I just replace the whole unit? Thanks in advance.
  3. Jbcory74

    Help me get a sink vanity installed

    Hi all, I’d like to get a vanity cupboard installed under my current sink - if not possible would like to get a new sink with a vanity unit attached… Is this possible with the current set up whereby there’s boxing in work covering the pipe work from I believe the bath and also the sink itself...
  4. bettz1

    Best way to attach Towel Rail

    Hi all this bloody towel rail :mad::mad: lol. Towel rail keeps coming loose atm its in the plasterboard just with rawl plugs and screws.Its now just been pulled out 1st pic The right hand side came loose last year so i decided to use a spring toggle thinking that would hold it better but its...
  5. L

    Looking for specific towel hooks

    Does anybody know where I can find these towel hooks.. Originally seen in Greece but I'm suare available elsewhere. Thanks if you know and can point me towards them.